How it Works

Our team creates monthly packs and deluxe boxes filled with original content and carefully curated items designed to make fruits and vegetables engaging! Children will discover information, snacks, recipes, activities and products highlighting the fun and flavor of produce. 

Oh, snap! Look at everything you get...

Information Card: Will highlight a fruit or vegetable that is currently in season. Will be different every month! *Deluxe box will include kale or bell pepper

Recipe: A child-friendly dish that includes the seasonal fruit or vegetable. Parent involvement will most likely be necessary.

Hands-on Activity: Will promote imagination and encourage children to explore fruits and vegetables through play, creativity and critical thinking.*Deluxe box includes all supplies

Fresh Pick: A surprise item included to emphasize the fun of fruits and vegetables. 

Behind the Greens: Will share a part of the journey that produce takes along the way from farm to table. Information from grocery stores, farms, community markets and more. 

Journal Page: To capture the distinctive thoughts of your child at this moment in time and to get a dialogue started. 

Coloring Page: A way for children to decompress and stretch their artistic muscles. 

BeetBox Sticker: To participate in monthly social media contests.  

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Unique to Deluxe Box: Fruit/veggie snack, box of crayons, 

Unique to Monthly Pack:Tater Tats temporary fruit/veggie tattoo, fruit/veggie stickers, method for collecting all printed materials for child to create his/her own book. 

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Do something grape!

Spark curiosity about fruits and vegetables; help a child you know discover a healthy relationship with healthy foods.