Our mission...

We believe that fruits and vegetables are delicious and fun! Our passion is to teach children how essential these tasty foods are and to help create the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating. BeetBox encourages children to experience hands-on involvement: shopping for, learning how to properly store and prepare and most importantly tasting produce! BeetBox strives to make fruits and vegetables an enjoyable and approachable part of everyday life while motivating children to learn through play. 


Sara & Christina 

Meet the Pear


Sara Burkhart

Sara developed a love of cooking while helping her mother and both grandmothers in the kitchen from an early age. Her paternal grandmother had a sprawling garden and Sara vividly remembers picking fresh peppers, tomatoes, and beans to bring inside and cook for dinner. When Sara became a mom, her interest in fostering a love of cooking grew. You can find her in her kitchen cooking with her 4-year-old and cleaning up after her toddler's enthusiastic meals. 


Christina Saluke

Christina was confused when she noticed that her fellow secondgraders weren't packing whole tomatoes in their lunches too. With her tastebuds better understood at home, she enjoyed being hands-on in the kitchen using produce picked from the garden or store.  Growing up surrounded by an appreciation for fresh produce, Christina is excited to share with her daughter and kids everywhere that fruits and vegetables are not only important but they are also delicious!   

Orange you excited?